About Us

Our Philosophy

The Millinery Association of Australia is a not for profit organisation

encompassing a diverse range of millinery, from traditional hats to costume.

We provide members with opportunities for friendship, collaboration, networking and education and

host events that showcase quality millinery and our professional and enthusiastic members

unite to raise the profile of millinery in Australia.

Application Information

  • Applications for Student, Associate or Fellow membership to the Millinery Association of Australia are most welcomed at any time throughout the year.
  • A student member can hold a student membership for a maximum period of 3 years. After which time they will be required to upgrade to an associate or fellow membership.
  • An existing student member will automatically transition to a fellow member upon successful completion of a Certificate IV in Millinery and is only required to complete page 1 of the fellow membership application form and provide proof of graduation certificate. Be sure to inform the MAA secretary of any changes secretary@millineryaustralia.org
  • Persons applying for a fellow membership (without prior student membership) will be required to complete a fellow membership application form.
  • Persons applying for a fellow membership (without Certificate IV) will be required to complete a fellow membership application form.
  • Where required, application for membership must include clear and detailed photos of your work, proof of study and two current references. Please email your application to the MAA secretary@millineryaustralia.org
  • All applications received will be submitted to the committee for review. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for processing.
  • Please note that the MAA membership year runs from November to the following October.
  • Our tiered membership structure and membership benefits are outlined below.

Application Forms

Student Membership Application Form

Associate Membership Application Form

Fellow Membership Application Form

We look forward to seeing your application!

Tiered Memberships

Guide to MembershipCurrently studying
millinery at TAFE
or recognised
online learning
A supplier, associated organisation or a
milliner who does not
fit other categories
Milliner qualified as
per selection criteria
Hall of Fame
Duration3 year maxUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Selection CriteriaActively engaged
in any form of
millinery study

Certificate IV
in Millinery or
Nominated by
members and reviewed
by committee
Membership Fee*$60$90$120
Joining Fee**$25$25$25
Transaction Fee***$5$5$5
Annual Membership$65$95$125
  • *Discounted combined Fellow/Associate membership is $165 (includes one transaction fee)
  • **Paid once with initial application
  • ***Charged annually to offset PayPal charges

Membership Benefits

Opportunity to nominate as committee member* *
Opportunity to enter annual Design Award* *
Use of official MAA logo* *
Opportunity to participate in MAA showcases* *
Priority access to MAA facilitated workshops* *
Access to MAA facilitated workshops* * *
Voting rights at AGM* *
Industry insights* * *
Opportunity for feature article in MAA newsletter*
Opportunity to present to members*
Business listing, logo and link in newsletter*
Opportunity to enter student competitions*
Milliner listing and business link on public side of website* * *
Access to member section of website* *
Membership pin* *
Welcome pack*
‘Millinery Matters’ newsletter* * * *
Access to members closed group on Facebook* * *
Invitation to social events* * * *
Invitation to attend monthly meetings* * * *
Opportunity to connect and network with industry members* * * *
Access to guest speakers* * *

Rules and Policies

Privacy Policy

Code of Conduct

Rules of the Millinery Association of Australia Inc