Code of Conduct

The Millinery Association of Australia Code of Conduct is a statement about appropriate and expected conduct of the members of the Millinery Association of Australia (MAA).  It describes the professional conduct expected of members to preserve and enhance their reputation as well as the general reputation of the millinery industry of Australia. This Code applies to all members of the MAA.

Our Mission Statement

“The Millinery Association of Australia is a not for profit organisation encompassing a diverse range of millinery, from traditional hats to costume. We provide members with opportunities for friendship, collaboration, networking, and education. We host events that showcase quality millinery and our professional and enthusiastic members unite to raise the profile of millinery in Australia”.

Our values of The Millinery Association of Australia:

  • Professionalism
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Raising the profile of millinery

The Millinery Association of Australia members must:

  • Commit to engage in the development of quality millinery for their customers
  • Work with members or colleagues to improve millinery standards
  • Support and assist members or colleagues in professional development
  • Promote and market quality millinery
  • Abide by the The Millinery Association of Australia Rules 2017
  • Update their skills and grow expertise through formal and informal professional development
  • Be an advocate for the millinery profession
  • Act in a way that enhances the standing of the profession
  • Not copy the work of other milliners
  • Not engage in any activity which may bring The Millinery Association of Australia into disrepute
  • Acknowledge and accept that harassment of any sort (including via social media) is unacceptable behaviour
  • Be committed to fostering a safe and harmonious environment for all members
  • Be entitled to confidentiality and privacy with respect to their information as per the The Millinery Association of Australia Privacy Policy
  • Respect the copyright or intellectual property rights of members, including copying, recording, or photographing works without the members express permission
  • Follow the reasonable requests or actions of the The Millinery Association of Australia Committee

Inappropriate behaviours

The MAA believes that there are a range of behaviours that are inappropriate and contrary to our Code of Conduct.  Inappropriate behaviours can range from interpersonal conflict to harassment and bullying.  Some behaviours such as bullying and sexual harassment are unlawful.  Dealing with such behaviours at the earliest opportunity will minimise any damage caused by such behaviours and give the best chance of resolving the issues.

Definition of Bullying and Harassment

A member is bullied if

  • A person or a group of people repeatedly act unreasonably toward them or a group of people
  • The behaviour creates a risk to health and safety.

Unreasonable behaviour includes victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening.  Whether a behaviour is unreasonable can depend on whether a reasonable person might see the behaviour as unreasonable in the circumstances.

Definition of Unacceptable Behaviour

The MAA will not accept violence, racial, sexual or verbal harassment against any member or Committee member. It is reasonable to expect that members and Committee be treated politely and with respect.

The following are unacceptable behaviour to members or Committee:

  • Threatening or abusive language involving swearing or offensive remarks
  • Derogatory racial or sexual remarks
  • Violence
  • Threats or threatening behaviours
  • Malicious allegation against Committee or any other member
  • Excessive noise such as loud or intrusive conversation or shouting

Examples of other behavioural forms considered unacceptable:

  • Theft
  • Wilful damage to MAA property
  • Malicious or vindictive treatment

The above lists are not exhaustive or all encompassing and any other behaviour deemed to be unacceptable is subject to review.

Complaints Procedure

Failure to comply with the required standards of behaviour must be communicated to the Committee via the Complaint form. The Committee will agree on the appropriate course of action and refer to the Rules 2017 of the MAA for Division 2 – Disciplinary Action.

Complaints Form

Before completing this form

The MAA Disciplinary Action is a statement about appropriate and expected management of complaints. Please ensure you complete all aspects of this form to assist with expedition of your complaint.  This Disciplinary Action statement in the Rules 2017 must be reviewed prior to completing this form.

To enable the MAA to address and resolve your complaint effectively, please complete this form (electronic completion is preferred) and return to the MAA via:

The MAA will not address any complaints made against an MAA member that are frivolous, vexatious or outside the jurisdiction of the MAA’s control.

The person the allegations are against has, as a right of natural justice, to respond to the allegations.

Millinery Association of Australia Code of Conduct – Complaints Form