Boldly Different – More spotlights on the Milliners

The exhibition is soon to be coming to a close but before it does, here are a few more milliners taking part in this exhibition.

Lauren Ritchie

Lauren creates quality hats and headwear influenced by the world around her. Her pieces reflect a high standard of workmanship with strong and flowing design lines.

 Her ’Boldly Different ’exhibit ‘Fairywren ’is inspired by the stunning vibrant blue feathers of the Fairywren of the Maluridae family.

Phillip Rhodes

Phillip was showered with opportunity through old-school workroom training in Melbourne with Mr Individual. Later stumbling into the costume house behemoth, Berman and Nathan and major West End theatrical shows. He returned to Melbourne for brand building with major department stores before returning to the Australian Ballet and Melbourne Theatre Company. 

His’ Boldly Different ’exhibit ‘Letting go …’ explores the concept that letting go is easy yet the hardest thing to do. 

Sandy Forrester

Sandy has over 20 years experience as a milliner with many awards to her credit for her stand out creations. 

Her ’Boldly Different ’exhibit ‘Brolga and Water Lillies of Arnhem Land’ is inspired by a beautiful indigenous artwork from West Arnhem Land and the Bangarra Dance Company Dreamtime story of the Brolga.

Visit the exhibition at Joel Gallery, Altona from Saturday 12 – Thursday 24 February 2022.

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