Boldly Different – Even more spotlights on the Milliners

As the event comes to a close tomorrow , lets close this blog series out with the last of the milliners taking part in this exhibition.

Lisette Margini

Lisette Margini. Lisette studied millinery after a 35 year career in teaching. She loves learning from traditionally trained milliners, mastering and preserving skills that could be lost with the recent trends of mass production and the curse of fast fashion.

Her ’Boldly Different ’exhibit ‘Vault’ is inspired by Ron Robertson-Swann’s sculpture of the same name, also known as ’The Yellow Peril.’

Lisa Hughes

Lisa loves to create for those who cultivate personal style and celebrate self-expression. Using modern & traditional millinery techniques, all of Lisa’s creations are made by hand and made with the individual in mind.

Her ’Boldly Different ’exhibit ‘Cover up’ explores how we all cover things up now and again.

Felicity Northeast

Felicity’s millinery is sustainable and elegant, featuring traditional techniques, contemporary design and upcycled materials. She fuses fashion and function with sophisticated modern headwear. Her headwear is designed and handmade to the highest standard to ensure longevity and quality.

Her ’Boldly Different ’exhibit ‘First Adventure ’is designed to have a few adventures and is made to be repurposed, deconstructed and reconstructed into three summer sunhats after Melbourne Fashion Week.