Pop Up Shop

We are now taking applications for The 2016 Pop Up Shop.

Please read the below information and feel free to contact Margaret Watson at treasurer@millineryaustralia.org with any queries that you may have

Terms and Conditions

  • Hats and headpieces are taken for sale on consignment.
  • Trading dates are Monday 26th Sept, 2016 until Saturday November 5th, 2016 Our shop will be open 7 days each week.

Download your Application Form Here
2016 Pop Up Shop – Registration form

Download your Inventory Sheet Here

Inventory Sheet – MAA Pop Up Shop

Download the Terms and Conditions Here (also listed below)

2016 Terms and Conditions, Pop Up Shop

Terms and Conditions of the 2016 Pop Up Shop

Getting your hats to the shop:

  • Hats are to be delivered to the shop on Monday 26th Sept between 10.00 am – 5.00pm. Delivery can also be made later than this date by arrangement.
  • By post: Victorian or Interstate hats need to be sent to:   Wendy Scully, P. O. Box 13,  Mentone, Vic, 3194  by Friday 25th Sept so as to be taken to the shop on Monday morning. Hats arriving later than the opening date will be taken to the shop but may have a few days delay before being on display. We will do this as quickly as possible.
  • By courier: The Millinery Association, Shop 18, Corner of Toorak Rd and River St, Como Centre, South Yarra. To be delivered between 10am and 5pm. Courier service may be comparable in cost to postage and your hats will arrive at the shop directly.

Participation Fee

  • The full fee is $600 for the six weeks that the Pop Up Shop is trading. This fee will cover the rental cost of the shop and the hire of our managers and rostered staff.
  • An initial deposit of $300 is required by Friday 23rd September
  • The final payment of $300 is required by the end of the 3rd week of the Pop Up Shop which is by Sunday 16th All fees are to be paid to: The Millinery Association of Australia Inc, BSB 033 549, account 110275.

Please make sure that your payment has your identification included. If you have any queries or need to send a notice of payment made with only a reference number, please email Margaret Watson at treasurer@millineryaustralia.org or phone mobile 0403 283 637


  • A commission of 20% will be charged for each hat sold through the shop. All hat boxes and packaging will be supplied by the MAA.

Labelling of hats:

  • All hats supplied to Como Centre Pop up Shop are to be labelled with milliners/makers label and ready for sale, i.e. Combs, elastics, headbands etc attached. Any hats presented without a comb, elastic or headband attached will not be presented for sale until made ready by the milliner who owns the hat.
  • The cost of any repairs or additives that need to be done on the spot to facilitate a sale, will be charged to the Milliner concerned, and deducted from the sale price. The cost of any repairs will be noted by attending staff and deducted from any final payment due, or an invoice will be issued.
  • All hats on consignment need to be one off designs or clearly specified as being part of a range of the same style.

We promote the uniqueness of our products and need to be confident we are correct in our assumptions.

 Inventory sheet:

  • A blank inventory sheet Inventory Sheet – MAA Pop Up Shop. Please fill out all relevant sections, name, contact details, banking details and a description of each piece (for identification purposes) and the amount you wish to sell the piece for. The completed inventory sheet will need to be included when hats are delivered to the Pop Up Shop.
  • If hats arrive without an inventory sheet, they will not be displayed for sale until the inventory is completed. The shop staff WILL NOT fill out the sheet for you. ONLY the sheet provided is to be used for your inventory. Should you wish to send photos of your hats, to help us identify them, please attach a separate sheet to the inventory sheet.
  • We recommend that you keep a copy of your inventory sheets for your own reference.
  • Up to 20 hats per milliner can be sent. We will request extra stock if required and items may be delivered or sent to replace items sold. Should you wish to send extra hats to us initially, (especially for the convenience of country and interstate milliners) then 20 will be displayed and extra hats will be used to replace sales made from your range. Only 20 of your designs will be displayed at one time but they will be rotated to give maximum exposure to our clients. This may alter if we run low on stock, in which case all hats sent will be displayed.
  • We recommend that extra business cards may be sent to the pop up shop to enable potential clients to contact you directly.

Identifying your hats:

Each hat must have attached to it two tags, a price tag and an identifying tag (two business cards attached to the hat will suffice).

  • The price and hat number/identifying description etc. must be on the reverse of both The number allocated to each hat from your inventory sheet is the number to use on the corresponding price tag/card. One tag will stay attached to the hat at the time of sale for the purchasers information. The second tag is retained by the shop manager with the payment receipt attached in order to facilitate milliners’ payments.
  • Unsold pieces can be collected on last day of trading or, by prior arrangement, from the Pop up Shop.
  • Any uncollected pieces will be returned through Australia Post, C.O.D. ordinary mail, and a fee charged. Please notify us if any alternate arrangements need to be made for return of hats.

Payments for sales:

  • Payment for sold pieces, minus commissions and any relevant deductions, will be made weekly where possible, with the final payment being made after the POP UP SHOP has concluded. Payments will be made by EFT directly to a bank account (banking details to be supplied by each milliner on the inventory sheet). Please advise if EFT is not suitable.
  • Reasonable care will be made to ensure all pieces remain undamaged whilst in the care of the MAA Pop Up Shop. Should an item be damaged whilst in the care of Pop Up Shop, the MAA will, within reason, cover the cost of repair. Poor workmanship is not covered.


  • Images of hats may be used on social media for promotion of the Pop Up Shop, but will not have the milliner’s name attached.

Download your Application Form Here
2016 Pop Up Shop – Registration form


For all enquiries please feel free to contact Margaret Watson at treasurer@millineryaustralia.org or on mobile 0403 283 637