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About Hat Blocks Australia

Hat Blocks Australia makers of premium quality professional hat blocks.  Proudly Australian made. Exporting to the world. Hat Blocks Australia is located in Adelaide South Australia.

Doug Osborne made a hat block for milliner Ann Kavanagh in 2000 when she could not find a shape she wanted. When other milliners saw the block they asked Doug to make one for them and this word of mouth that got Hat Blocks By Design (as the business was then known) started.

Over the next 11 years Doug established a reputation for service and quality. Doug’s background included a career in drafting and engineering and his design and planning skills contributed considerably to his ability when it came to working with timber.

Doug’s son, Darryll, joined the Hat Blocks by Design in 2011 and took over running the business the following year. Due to a rapidly growing international clientele, the business underwent a name change to become Hat Blocks Australia.

Darryll works with his office manager wife, Renee, from a humble workshop in the middle of farmland in rural South Australia. When you place an order with Hat Blocks Australia you are in direct contact with the people who will make your hat blocks. There is extensive catalogue of designs to choose from and these designs can be modified to suit your needs. Darryll has built a reputation as ‘Mr can do’.  He will never turn a challenge down and he’ll go above and beyond to meet your deadlines.