Videos for Members

Rebecca Weaver from HATalk speaks at the April 2018 Members meeting

Working in Theatrical Millinery presented by Rose Hudson – April 2016

Pricing and Tax relating to your Millinery Business – Adam Ramage of Lanyon Partners – July 2015

Presentation Notes – Adam Ramage – Millinery Association of Australia – Presentation – 7 July 2015

The link to Simon Sinek’s TED talk about “Why”:

Clip on pricing:

Purchasing a License to reproduce a Millinery Design – Catherine Ellen – July 2015


Panel Discussion of Selling Millinery

Speakers included:
Louise Macdonald – Setting up and running a studio
Phillip Rhodes – Selling merchandise to Department stores
Diane Kilduff – Running a popup shop & selling hats on consignment
Catherine Ellen –  Operating a Millinery shop
Lisa Bell – Marketing at events

Notes: The above content should be a two part playlist, if you have trouble viewing the embedded content you can view it in two parts at the below links

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Serena’s Trip to Japan – Paper Esparterie and Flower making