Julie Anne Lucas Millinery


323 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth WA

Contact Details

Phone (08) 9328 4077
Mobile 0418 463416
Email julie.annelucas@bigpond.com
Web www.jalmillinery.com.au

About Julie Anne Lucas Millinery

It was not until the end of my studies for my Diploma in Fashion Design and Manufacture that I undertook the millinery components of the course and discovered my love for designing and creating ladies hats.

For the past eleven years I have dedicated my time entirely to millinery.

During the six years I lived in Dubai I was fortunate to build up an international clientele with ladies who enjoyed wearing sophisticated, individual creations and appreciated their worth.

From my atelier in North Perth I design and create 200 exclusive millinery items each year, every one an individual design which is blocked and hand sewn by myself.  Whenever possible, I use naturally shed feathers and only work with the highest quality materials, often vintage items, finished with precious crystals, gemstones or freshwater pearls.

Bespoke collaborations are welcome as I enjoy working with my clients to create a unique look.   I design pieces to suit trends of the day and seasonal colours but always with an eye to timeless elegance in styles and materials that will last a lifetime.

Items may be purchased via my website or bespoke orders.  I courier my millinery world-wide as well as domestically.

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